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hattubel replied to your post: Szajn’s Book Recs

I have in my already-bought-to-read-next-list ‘American Gods”, and that one of Ted Dekker looks interesting

"American Gods" is one of my all time favorites.

The Ted Dekker book is a good read. Not overly deep but with enough edge to keep the pages turning. :)

It’s amazing that you care for three kids on top of all that! Kudos!!

My kids are awesome, so it’s really no chore. I love being a Mom. <3

Anonymous asked
Are you okay? Anything wrong?

Awww, hello, Nonny.

Things are okay. A bit tight and stressed (my husband is no longer working) but nothing we can’t manage with some strict budgeting. Thanks for checking. <3<3<3

Anonymous asked
Are u continuing your fanfic 'Out in the dark' (i think thats the name)?? Bc its amaaazing i loved it so much!!

Yes! I am. But because of time constraints I am not posting it until it’s complete, so as not to leave anyone hanging…erm…anymore than they already are. 

PS. It’s looooong, so it may be a bit.

Anonymous asked
Just wondering do you have a tag/ a place to read your writing all in on place?

Hi! Anything I’ve written lately (and man, it’s been awhile… **hangs head in shame**) is on my other Tumblr account: snk drabbles 

PS. I’m thrilled you even want to read my ramblings. Thank you!!

Anonymous asked
I was just currious if you do commissions and if so how much... Thank you for your time either way!

Holy crap, sorry for the delay in reply, Nonny. The short answer is no. I no longer accept commissions. Three kids, full time job, and now going back to college, I just have no time. I’m sorry. ((hugs)) There are a number of wonderful artists on Tumblr that do accept commissions, and if you search the commissions tag or a specific fandom tag you can usually find some. Hope that helps!! 

Anonymous asked
What's the best program for drawing on a tablet?

For me, it is hands down Paint tool Sai. I’ve used almost all the programs out there (PS, Manga Studio, Corel, etc) and Sai is by far my absolute favorite. :)

Szajn’s Book Recs

I’ve recently read or re-read a few books that I think some of you may also enjoy, so I decided to put together a small rec list. (Haven’t done one in awhile, so here goes…clicking the covers should bring you to the kindle purchase link, but they are available in many formats.)

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